Improve Your Martial Arts Performance for Competition and Ranking Testing.

Learn How To Develop Your Inner Champion

Through Play in the SportsZone for Martial Arts Audio Program


This visualization system is led by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen 10th Degree Black Belt, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Master Trainer, Master Sports Hypnosis Coach, Life and  Business Coach. Grandmaster Bowen is an expert  in help athletes and individuals achieve maximum success.


Play in the SportsZone Audio Program creates a winning mindset for martial artist by using the power of visualization and imagination to build the winner's attitude that every champion has. Visualization training provides a powerful tool that you can learn and use to enhance your sports performance and the quality of your life. 

We use less than 10% of our mental ability, while leaving the other 90% to the subconscious. Play in the SportsZone Audio Program is guaranteed to help access the other 90% of your subconscious mind.


Think of where you are in your sport right now, and then imagine getting 90% better. Every champion actually sees their success before it happens! They do this by turning down their conscious mind and turning up their subconscious through what is commonly called "entering the zone." It is a time when you have great anticipation, when you seem to know in advance what is going to happen so that your reactions are always right. 







Grandmaster Jessie Bowen

2002 World Cup Open Hand &

Weapons Form Champion. Winner of Over 2000 Trophies and Awards in Martial Arts Competition


Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame

 2014 Inductee as

 " Martial Art Ambassador of the Year"

Play in the SportsZone for Martial arts audio Program:

  • Builds confidence and optimism.

  • Helps you achieve the winning mental edge.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress, resulting in peak performance.

  • Enhances your concentration and focus.

  • Allows you to work out and play with greater intensity.

  • Reduce and even stop all injuries

  • Empower you to control and utilize your competition nerves

  • Helps you remain poised in any competitive situation.

  • Frees you from hostility, resentment, fear of rejection.

  • Helps you select your goals and chart your course for their realization.

  • Allows you to program your mind with positive mental concepts and success attitudes.

  • Develops your ability to construct mental images easily.

  • Replaces doubt with positive self-talk.


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Get a FREE eCourse on improving mental performance through visualization training. Learn how developing an inner game through meditation and visualization can accelerate your success in school, business, health & wellness and every aspect of life.


Learn the tools needed to...

Eliminate fears

Limiting beliefs

Increase confidence

Remove test and competition anxiety, and improve concentration.  Now you can use it as your secret weapon!


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